The same but different...

There are similarities and differences between Liquid gravity and existing ideas about gravity.

Don't be disappointed that it doesn't agree with Newton’s theory that 'all matter has gravity' and Einstein’s suggestion that 'gravity is the product of space-time curvature'. (I'm not suggesting that they are both totally wrong, but they just may have got confused on a few things! they are both great men and their work has helped mankind understand a lot about our universe) 

3D Liquid Gravity Model

Liquid Gravity theory looks a lot like Einstein's model of gravity, however the explanation is altogether different..

Rather than trying to get your head around Einstein's space -time curvature, just think of gravity as a big pool or water that floats through space. You have seen astronauts squirting water around in space, liquid gravity would look similar, with a few exceptions. Because of various forces such as spinning motion, magnetic pressures and orbital momentum, the liquid gravity pool will distort as it responds to external forces, and so you would expect to see gravity fields coming in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These shapes are easy to see as they allow space debris, gasses and ice, to congregate within their influences and so we see some amazing patterns and trails formed as a result.

Not enough Gravity for Newton's law

We have all heard of the idea that ALL earth's gravity  is pulling on the moon, well  thats not all together true if we apply Newton's Laws

If you consider that the gravity on the opposite side of the earth is actually pulling away from the moon then it clearly isn't contributing anything towards holding the moon, then if you consider further that the deeper we go into the earth then the less gravitational pull there is, so when we arrive in the centre of our globe there is no gravity at all. 

So we could say there is a gradient of gravity from 0% to 100% of earth’s entire mass pulling on the moon. When you calculate it out you end up with 0.81% of the earth is holding the moon in orbit which ends up being less than one moon worth of mass holding the full weight of the moon in its orbit.

The only way the earth is able to hold the moon in orbit is for the collective mass of the earth to contribute to gravitational force. 

Liquid Gravity theory provides a way for all earths gravity, even the stuff pulling in the opposite direction, to contribute towards holding the moon in orbit, because Liquid gravity is a collective negative pressure that builds up around objects so that all the objects within it spare become equally attracted to each other.   Hence the earth is able to hold the moon in orbit with its collective gravity field.

How Heavy really?

-How much does the empire state building really weigh if you removed all the space inside atoms?

The logic of Newton's law is that matter contains gravity hence the only matter inside an atom is the nucleus, then that must represent the weight of the object, The logic of Liquid Gravity law is that atoms are like balloons that are experiencing a 200km/h wind, so weight is really a measure of resistance to a very strong gravity suction. So it is volume that accounts for the weight, not solid matter.

Different results 

Why do different weights fall at different speeds has always been a difficult idea to explain, especially when you your test shows different results with different forces.

The simple problem with the drop test is that it has a unique outcome that is different from other physics laws and as a result it has to have its own unique law to explain the process. The main explanation is

This is not a problem at all when you consider it in light of the liquid Gravity theory. Liquid gravity isn't a static pressure, rather it is a very strong flow of movement well over 200km per hour that is heading into the earth. When you drop any object into that flow it simply picks up speed until it matches the flow of gravity, Its like throwing a ball out your window of your car when you are moving the ball will be caught by the wind going past and pick up speed in the direction of the wind. So liquid mechanics explains how this trick is really working which is not some magic force that mysteriously changes physics, rather a simple explanation of nature.
But this doesn't work the same if you set up a centrifugal force that mimics the forces of gravity and we preform the same test we see a different result where the heavier object moves faster and further than the small object, so why the difference? is the gravitational 1x G force different somehow to the 1x G centrifugal force?

Magnetic force demonstrate liquid mechanics

Magnetic Force is inversely as powerful gravity because its result of generating gravity. 

The properties of magnetism are well understood, but there remains one mystery as to how the magnetic field invisibly constructs a magnetic field. We know that the field consists of electrons flowing from one pole to the other. The curious thing about magents is they prefer to use conductors, so when you see a magnetic force literally floating in mid air,you wonder how is it conducting the electrons? Well it may just be that Liquid Gravity has another aspect to it that will help us understand this invisible framework that defies gravity. Magnetic force is the opposite to Gravity force because it is comprised of positive pressured super liquid that literally defies gravity force.. 

The reason that Gravity and magnetic force seem different is simply because low pressure (gravity force) occupies a lot of space where as high pressure (magnetic force) occupies a tiny amount of space, as you would expect with any pressurized liquid. So it makes perfect sense that magnetic force will seem a lot more powerful at close range, where as gravity has more power over distance. This idea is reinforced by scientists who calculate that magnetic force is inversely as powerful as gravity force. 

Liquid Magnetic Threads

Gravity Fluid Bubbles and Magnetic Threads are the framework for invisible magentic force.  .

Liquid Gravity is drawn to matter like bubbles that are compressed by the action of each atom’s spinning electrons. This inflow process transforms the gravitational bubbles into high-pressured threads that finally flow out from matter. These highly compressed threads of Aether a highly conductive and allow electro magnetic force to create it’s own magnetic circuit. The force of the electrons flowing through these threads provides the invisible anti gravity force that you see when magnet repels or attracts. The magnet is literally controlling the highly compressed Aether (Gravity Fluid) and using it as a framework to provide a complete circuit for the magnetic flow. The Aether is flowing away from the matter but Magnetic force can travel either way through the compressed threads just like a wire. The thread structure of compressed Aether makes an ideal conductor with the ability to conduct magnetic force over short distances or vast tracts of space. One day scientist will learn to use these treads of compressed Aether for making super computers as well as vast communication networks.