Experiments to  support Liquid Gravity theory

There are many experiments that can be done to support Liquid gravity theory,which we will add as we do them and document their results

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We will update this page with ongoing experiments that support or dont support Liquid Gravity

Part of this journey is to contact universities and space agencies to get their support in carrying out a crucial experiment that will prove how gravity really works. Some of these experiments can be carried out in the garage and others will need the help of those with specialised equipment. these Experiments are simple and well documented but are having a few changes made to see what we can discover.

Cavendish Experiments to measure gravity

This simple home made rig is capable of detecting very small forces of gravity and how it reacts in different situations. First used to measure gravity and now to be used to measure liquid gravity.

Interferometer to detect gravity distortion

This machine defines the biggest scientific failure to detect Aether wind, however it may be that it can still discover Aether or Liquid gravity by looking in new directions.

Liquid Gravity consistent with Gravity maps 

Gravity maps show hot spots rather than lactions where more mass maybe

Liquid Gravity says that atoms generate gravity vacuum pressure from the electrons spinning around inside an atom, so the more excited an atom is then the more gravity vacuum pressure will be produced. Liquid Gravity would then expect to see more gravity situated on hot spots rather than on cold mountain tops like Mt Everest. This is exactly what the data is showing but Scientist are reluctant to admit this because it doesn't equate with Newton's law : Example

World Gravity Map

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This world map shows red zones for high gravity areas and blue zones for low gravity areas. The areas dont correspond to elevation where you may expect to see greater mass, or where the land mass is higer above sea level. 

World Volcano Map

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The correlation between the earth's hot zones where the earth is geological activity is very striking when you compare it to the above map showing where volcano's are mapped

Yellowstone super volcano gravity Map

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Here an image showing the prominant hotspot situated over the yellow stone super volcano. 

The test to prove Gravity is produced by energised Atoms   

A simple test would  confirm where garvity would come from.

The Test would be to compare a ton of metal in a molten state and the same metal in a cold state and messure the garvity of each. This test will conclusivly show if heat (Energy) is the driving force that produces gravity.  I dont know if this test can be preforemed but I will resurch to find out if such a test could be carried out.