Real evidence that science can't explain

Space provides a good view of gravity  in action  and revels its true fluid nature.

Scientist have tried to provide explanations to fit with their current theories inline with Newton’s and Einstein’s theories, even though the evidence is suggesting something altogether different. Liquid Gravity theory provides a very viable explanation that seems a lot simpler to understand and easier accept, but maybe too simple and too challenging for scientists to let go their hallowed beliefs.  

Gravity maps prove
Liquid Gravity

Gravity maps are a real treasure because they really show where gravity is and it is not where scientists expect it to be.

Gravity maps don't support Newton Gravity

Newton's law suggests that where there is more mass there is more gravity, however the poles have less mass than the equator which is the opposite to what Newton's law would require. Scientists suggest that centrifugal forces offset the gravity field, but by saying that they are suggesting that gravity force is subject to other forces which means gravity must contain mass in order to be pushed by centrifugal force...

This notion flies in the face of Newton's law that states gravity is a primary force of nature, however the idea is fully in line with liquid gravity theory which suggest that gravity is not a force, rather a vacuum pressurized liquid which would defiantly be subject to centrifugal force, again solid evidence of Liquid Gravity's existence.

Planet rings prove
Liquid Gravity

The rings around planets, moons and the sun are at odds with Newtons theory of gravity however they offer absolute proof for Liquid Gravity. 

Gravity field not dritfing togther

According to Newton's Law of Gravity, all the different sized particles in planet rings should have drifted together and formed moons or clusters, however the opposite has happened, all the tiny particles through to the big car sized rocks have stayed spaced out evenly which means they have no gravitational force that would draw them together, however they float in a mysterious gravity field that is only 10 meters think in places. 

No eddy patterns or clusters

Scientists suggest that the reason for no clusters forming within the rings is due to the various orbital rotation speeds and gravitational tidal affects that pull all these items apart, however these extra forces would display eddy patters similar to water movement which result when various forces interact with each other. No eddy patterns would suggest that there are no noticeable forces acting between the particles, which over the billions of years would have displayed some form of eddy pattern somewhere.

Different gravitational behaviours

Gravity is far from a constant force as it behaves differently in different places. Newton's one law cannot explain why but Liquid Gravity can provide a new explanation into the many facets of gravity.

Inter Object Gravity

Venturi Formation Gravity Field

Inter object gravity is quite different to planetary gravity in that it has a tiny gravitational range even though it seems to produce a greater gravitational force for its proportional size. If you conduct a Cavendish experiment you will find that it only works over a short distance, compared to observing the distance between the moon and earth.

Liquid Gravity explains this by suggesting that the Earths Gravitational Suction assists objects attracting each other by producing a Venturi suction force when objects are close together which is further assisted by the size of the facing surfaces rather than the total mass,

Comet Gravity

Stalactite Formation Gravity Field

Comet Gravity forms a tail that attaches to the comet as it tracks through space. Liquid Gravity would best describe this gravity formation as a stalactite structure that allows the build up of debris to accumulate in its tail formation. Like a stalactite the tail of a comet will grow as it accumulates more debris it suction force increases in its tail and the gravitational tail extends slightly further. The Comet is a clear example of how a Gravitational structure can form based on its movement rather than centre of mass.

Non Spinning Moon Gravity

Uniform Formation Gravity Field

Our Moon displays a very simple symmetrical gravitational structure because it doesn't spin fast enough to deform it's gravitational field. It has a symmetrical gravity field around the whole surface, Unlike earth that has higher gravity around its poles and less around Its equator due to it's spinning motion that deforms the gravity structure. The Gravitational Structure surrounding the moon is the closest Newton came to describing Gravity

Balck hole Gravity

Aether Gap Formation Gravity Field

Liquid Gravity suggests that Black holes are simply gravitational fields that don't transmit light waves because the Aether Flow is torn apart by huge suction forces. A fluid can only conduct waves if there is fluid in the pathway, but when the fluid line is broken the circuit is also broken and light can no longer transmit through the liquid gravitational layer. The gravitational force being produced by a black hole must be sufficiently strong enough to stretch and break Aether flow and prevent photon waves propagating into space.

Spinning makes gravity disks

Liquid Gravity provides a simple explanation to how the Disks on planets form with a Stalactite Formation Gravity Field.

Gravity pool congregates into a disk shape.

The Liquid Gravity explanation is that there is a fluid like pool of gravity into which debris congregate. The gravity bubble comes out evenly from sun, planet or moon but forms into a concentrated disk due to the centrifugal forces of the spinning body. Smaller, rocks and moons are caught into this concentrated gravity pool and over time debris that come from these larger object such as gasses, ice particles, volcanic debris fall into the orbit trail and form their own comet tail, which eventually connect right around the planet to form a rings. As more matter builds up within the rings so to does the collective gravity field within the ring which tightens the ring and makes the distinction between rings more prominent. Also larger objects and moons clear a path through the rings due to their size orbiting faster than the rings.        

Tails on comets prove
Liquid Gravity

Tails on comets defy Newton's laws of gravity, but offer solid support and other clues to how liquid gravity works in motion.

Gravity forms an elongated bubble around Comet

According to the Liquid Gravity theory, gravity produced by the comet and ice particles form into a liquid bubble that is sufficiently strong enough to hold all the particles together allowing them to stay attached to the comet as it flies through space. Because the liquid pool of gravity is made up of a moving vacuum pressure bubble then it behaves like liquid and forms a distortion similar to a bubble moving through liquid. We see the same formations occur in all liquids from air to water. 

Comets should have trails not tails 

According to Newton's theory of gravity, comets should have trails because a particle of ice wouldn't have enough gravity to keep up with the speed of the comet, and therefore will continually fall behind the speeding comet and leave a very defined comet trail right across space. We see this trail forming behind aircraft because the vapor particles cant keep up with the speed of the plane. 

Gravitational lensing supports Liquid Gravity

Einstein predicted parallel gravity lensing where separate light rays bend towards the gravity field to create two images in the same orientation, however evidence shows lensing that has been spit and mirrored which can only form through a single image refracting through a liquid lens supporting Liquid Gravity.

Gravitational lensing is the phenomena that occurs when a distant star or galaxy passes behind gravitational mass, resulting in light distortion such as a ring or a arch's. Einstein's explanation is that this is evidence for his relativity theory, that demonstrates time space bending. He predicted that two separate light beams would be pulled togther through gravity to produce a parrelle image of the hidden galaxy. However the evidence supports a refracted split image through simple fluid distortion. This is a very direct piece of evidence that disproves Einstein's prediction of parallel lensing and proves the existence of liquid lensing produced by layers of increasing pressurised Liquid Gravity surrounding stars, solar systems and galaxies.