Liquid Gravity
the key to the mysteries of the universe

Gravity, Nature of Light, Black Holes, The Origin of the Universe and beyond our Universe, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. These mysteries can all be simply explained using Liquid Gravity and well established laws of Physics. 

The theory of everything

The simple solution to the theory of everything is to start with one ingredient!

Welcome to the Liquid Gravity website where you can explore this new theory that explains everything from gravity to the origin of the universe. The rule with any new theory is that it has to explain unsolved mysteries as well as support existing evidence. The (Liquid Gravity) theory has been developed based on the assumption that liquid facilitates each process. This is then compared to scientific observations to see if the theory holds up using well established hydraulic principals.

The solution

All it takes is one ingredient, Aether!

Modern science suggest that everything just appeared out of nowhere! so the notion that everything came from the Aether isn't quite as unbelievable. The Aether, that has a capacity to store both negative and positive energy, at one end of the spectrum, separates and holds Galaxies, and at the other end of the spectrum, provides the engine to powers atomic particles. This wonderful Aether transports lightwaves and breathes gravity and by mixing it together you get a universe of possibilities.  

I starting this journey through thinking about gravity and how it could affect objects at a distance. Once you discover the ubiquitous liquid medium then we find solutions that don't defy physics. This single idea presents a cohesive theory that uniformly explains a wide range of unexplainable mysteries as well as providing new options for considering other possibilities. Physicists have been searching for this single, all-encompassing, coherent and theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. It seems the whole universe is driven by liquid mechanics which is the idea that has been sitting in front of physicists all along.

A new theory

The Liquid Gravity theory doesn't agree with some key mainstream scientific beliefs used over the last 300 years. This website examines what led the science community down various pathways. All we ask is that you consider this new theory from the point of view of the evidence rather than what has been taught. See how Liquid Gravity disputes the theory of relativity but still works to support the maths that modern technology depends on.   

The 5 mysteries explained

1. What is Gravity?

- What is Gravity?
- How is Gravity made?
- How does Gravity work?

2. What are Light Waves?

-Is the Speed of Light constant?
-Is Light a particle or a wave?
-Does Gravity affect light?

3. What is the origin of our Universe?

- Problems with the Big Bang Theory?
- New Big Collison Theory explanation
-What lies beyond our universe

4. What is Dark Matter and Energy?

- Dark Matter, 27% of the universe 
- Dark Energy, 68% of the universe
- Dark Flow, the force that flows galaxies

5. What are Black Holes?

-Where do black holes come from?
-Black holes are not holes or Black?
-Why do black holes trap Light?

Latest Project 

Prediction for the NASA Dart Mission based on Liquid Gravity Theory

Research Project 

Working on building a modified Cavendish Pendulum to map the shape of gravity of small objects, which surprisingly has never been done!

The two pillars of Physics don't agree?

Modern science bases its ideas on two key people of history and yet their theories don't connect, so there is an opportunity to find the missing link.   

The Theory of Everything a big Challenge

The Theory of Everything sounds like a huge impossibility given how much scientific progress has been made over the past 300 years, however this new theory connects everything with just two fundamental changes without breaking the results of existing physics. Simply by swapping Time dilation for Light Speed Dilation by making Time a constant and Light Speed a variable you get the new answers to unsolved scientific mysteries while ensuring existing equations don't change their results. One of the biggest pieces of supporting evidence for Einstein's and Newton's physics is that they both have been used successfully for hundreds of years, yet ironically their theories fundamentally disagree, Newton says that Gravity is a Force and Einstein says that Gravity is not a force. Generally scientist stand back and just say that both theories work better in different areas of physics, but they are still looking for a way to connect these two theories together into a single cohesive theory that explains everything.

Einstein's ideas are based on Aether calculations

Einstein's Special and General relativity speaks of space time fabric that can convey gravity and light with the ability of stretching and squashing around matter in different ways, whereas Newton Gravity is all about matter attracting matter with calculations used to measure and understand the properties of gravity. Liquid Gravity is a new theory that seeks to provide the missing link that provides a valid explanation for our physical surrounds from atoms to the origin of the universe. Liquid Gravity could be described as being based on different aspects of old Aether theories that existed before Einstein replaced them with his new ideas about relativity. Its interesting to note that most of Einstein's calculations are taken directly from Lorentz Aether theory where he swaps Aether properties and converts them into Time Dilation properties which meant that Aether Theory no longer had any purpose.

One change to the Speed of Light changes everything

So why the need of a new theory now? Well it seems that there are a great number of mysteries that haven't been solved starting with gravity, dark energy, universe expansion, the origin of the universe, not to mention the missing link between Newton and Einstein's theories.

Liquid Gravity theory examines the universe based on Liquid Aether being the conveyor of light waves and gravity and looks at the evidence to see what it reveals. Einstein changed history with his revolutionary ideas that now seem impossible to change, however all it needs is to prove that Light isn't a constant of the universe and time is a constant of the universe. Most of our modern technology and science works on the basis of Light and Time so to just change that one fact about light will make a profound change to the whole of Science. If Time Dilation is proved wrong then light speed must be variable which then requires something to act on light to make it go faster or slower! So we arrive back to Aether the liquid that is capable of producing the same results of Einstein relativity as well as explaining what force enabled Newton's apple to fall from the tree.  

The Good News and The Bad News

The good news is that we can get a better understanding of the universe, by knowing what gravity really is and how gravity and light have played their rolls in forming our universe. The opportunity to harness Liquid Gravity (Aether) in ways to make space travel faster and easier. And maybe the universe isn't as big as we originally thought, with light waves travelling faster across space which means distances are smaller than originally calculated. The bad news is that Time becomes a constant which simply means no more opportunity for time travel through worm holes, it will need to stay in the book shelf next door to Harry Potter magic.  


Todays science is half fact and half faith  

Facts are able to be observed and explained, faith is for unexplainable mysteries

Stemming from gravity and light
Many of the big mysteries of science exist because two foundation ideas ‘The nature of Light’ and ‘The nature of Gravity’ are based on wrong assumptions suggesting they are particles rather than liquids (See Wikipedia's full list of unsolved problems in Physics).

One failed experiment
You would expect that there would be a lot of research to back up scientist claims, but actually there is only one; the failed Michelson-Morley experiment that changed the course of scientific belief. This led to the declaration by Einstein that light always moves at the same speed which laid the foundation to the theory of relativity, describing the nature of light and gravity.   

Liquid Gravity is the answer that solves the big mysteries

Liquid Gravity Theory explains all the big mysteries of the universe based on well established hydraulic principals, whereas Particle theories don't provide any answers to the big questions. What happened before the Big Bang? What is Gravity force? How does light behave like a wave and a particle? What is Dark Matter? What are black holes? Einstein suggest time travel through worm holes based on mathematics without any supporting evidence. It’s time that the scientific community takes another look at a more realistic Liquid Theory. 

The Liquid Gravity theory started with a simple question that science can't answer.

1. What is gravity? 

What is powerful enough to hold the moon in orbit? The answer came following the explanation about how a super sized passenger aircraft simply stays aloft with small amounts of suction equivalent to a baby's suction on every square inch of the wing which has the capacity to hold 100's of tones of weight in the air. Liquid Hydraulics can hold and airplane in the sky and on the scale of a planet it has the capacity to hold a whole moon in orbit.

The process of developing the theory just followed each step of the process with the next question:

2. Where does the suction force come from?

Spinning electrons on an atom will generate a tiny amount or suction pressure in the same way as a spinning cyclone generates suction, Nature explains nature with no magic tricks.

3. What liquid do atoms use to produce hydraulic force?

The liquid must have a very small particle size that is smaller than electrons inside atoms, After a bit of research I discovered Luminiferous Aether theory from the 1800's that also explained light propagation. This suddenly started to fit together, so why was it rejected by the scientific community?

More research and I found the Michelson-Morley experiment that was used to try and prove Luminiferous Aether theory by measuring light waves. It didn't work and rather than trying other ways of doing the experiment they though out the Luminiferous Aether theory and Albert Einstein introduced the Particle theories. In 2009 a German posted the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment conducted differently and it worked. Sadly, mainstream scientists don't want to know about it because they have spent 300 years developing particle theories and it's not a good look if they are all wrong. This narrow mindededness ensures that they will never find the answers they are searching for. 

However these mysteries are now able to be explained with Liquid theories and this website is dedicated to exploring these mysteries and answering them based on well established liquid hydraulics and not mysterious singularities that belong in science fiction novels. 

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